When it comes to starting a new business, where do you go for advice and resources? There are a lot of resources out there, but sorting through them can be a bit challenging. Below is a list of essential resources for small-business owners.

Small Business Administration
One of the most well-known resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners is the Small Business Administration. You can find a wide range of resources and information about starting and managing a business, including loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.

Due is an online payment and invoice platform that provides a variety of tools and resources for small- and medium-sized businesses. The company’s blog is filled with information about various topics, such as marketing, technology, security, and compliance. It also offers a variety of e-books and guides.

The New York Times has called the blog “one of the best” on the Internet. It features coverage of the venture capital industry, as well as breaking down the latest news about various hot tech sectors.

Small Business Development Centers
The Small Business Development Centers provide you with a number of helpful resources on starting your own business. The advisors at the local development centers can help you with everything from marketing to business expansion. Additionally, they maintain a helpful blog that covers important information about entrepreneurship and small businesses.

The Company Corporation
One of the steps to becoming a business is to form an LLC, as this will provide you with the business resources you need. If you are looking to become an LLC, the Company Corporation is the right resource for you. You can easily incorporate or form an LLC with this website, which handles all the necessary paperwork.

Who Moved The Cheese?
Spencer Johnson’s Who Moved My Cheese? is a guide that explains how to deal with change in your life and work. The goal of this book is to help them identify who they are, as well as the people they need to surround themselves with, in order to take on their own business.